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Oromia State University has both historical and symbolic attachment to Oromo society and Oromia National Regional state. Historically it evolved from a small leadership training center which had played a paramount role in building the leadership capacity of the region. Symbolically it bears the name of OROMIA which has deep relation with the Oromo. It got this name when it was promoted to University in 2017.  It is the only State University in the country. As a regional government consulting university, the university focuses on capacity building of the region via leadership and public servant development, reform and transformation of public institutions of the region. The university also focuses on all development actors of the region. To make this effective the university uses training of both leadership and public servants, research and consultancy services, academic programs (first degree, second degree and Ph.D)  and facility services.



The Oromia State University and the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia have discussed targeting potential areas of collaboration between the two institutions. The venue of the discussion was the Indian Embassy in Addis Ababa. Hence, the collaborative areas of the discussion were framed within the scope of the university’s mission, such as education, research, training, and collaborative projects. In addition, the Embassy promised to support OSU in its effort to establish partnerships with India’s higher education institutions. The speakers of the events were Dr. Geremew Hulluka, the President of the Oromia State University, and Ambassador Anil Kumar Rai, the ambassador of the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia.  

Oromia State University (OSU) hosted a virtual training program on Chinese modernization for its faculty, led by professors from the Beijing Administrative Institute (BAI).Dr. Li Yunchi, Vice President of BAI, emphasized the role of academics in building a modern and prosperous nation, citing China's own intellectuals as a prime example. He encouraged Ethiopian scholars to learn from these experiences and contribute to their country's development.Dr. Delessa Bulcha, OSU's Vice President for Partnerships, Social Services, and Revenue Generation, highlighted the university's focus on training, education, research, and consulting services – all aimed at national progress. He reiterated their commitment to these goals for Ethiopia's betterment.The BAI delegation expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome and signed a cooperation agreement with OSU.

In a recent meeting at Oromia State University (OSU), PhD students engaged in a discussion with university leaders. The students openly addressed the challenges they face in the program, highlighting existing and potential shortcomings. They emphasized the need for stronger communication channels and requested increased monitoring and support from the university to navigate these difficulties.

University leaders, led by Dr. Geremu Hulluka, acknowledged the feedback from the students. Dr. Hulluka reassured them that the university is actively following up on their concerns. He emphasized the ongoing efforts to strengthen the PhD program and address the problems raised. He committed to resolving these issues as necessary to ensure a successful learning experience for the students.

University of Oromia regional study topics
"A Baseline Study of Smart City: The Potentials, challenges, and Opportunities of Bishoftu towards smart city" is presenting the first "draft" at Bishooftu.
University of Oromia Regional State is conducting a study titled "A Baselin Study of smart City: the potentials, challenges and opportunities of Bishoftu towards smart city" YNO is conducting its first study draft (draft) in Bishofto where YNO and researchers are presenting, the first study written (draft) will be presented. ufff how to work It is reported that he will work with the members of the city.

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