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Ethiopia, Djibouti and African Union Ambassador of Indonesia Albusyra Basnur on the connections of Indonesia and Ethiopia on the international level (Ethiopia-Indonesia in Global Connectivity) and other things. After giving detailed explanation on how, where and when the two can be experienced in each other, what they plan to do, where and when to execute. They provide a basic idea. From their experience they have shown that planning big is possible by planning small and doing big.

Trinity Western University of Canada, director of foreign relations and African affairs, led by Dr. Imbenzi George, YNO, how two universities are going to help strengthen education, research and training for public servants.

The president of YNO Dr Garramaw Hulluka said freedom of law is the foundation of justice system.

The directorate of the office of the president, the 4 vice presidents and the leaders of the University team have participated in this service and reduce complaints from customersPlanned on giving better.Research and research activities that will solve the problems of the local community and on the s

Yuunivarsiitiin Naannoo Oromiyaa qorannoo mata duree “Forest Management and Livelihood of Community, the case of Finfinne Brunch Concession” jedhu irratti qorannoo gaggeessuuf Initarpiraayizii Bosonaa fi Bineensota Bosona Oromiyaa walii mallatteessaniru.Bosona naannawa Finfinnee irratti ji’ottan 4n dhufaniif kan gaggeeffamu qorannoon kun, bu’aan argannoo qorannoo kana irraa argamus fayyadamummaa jiraattota naannawa sanaa mirkaneessuu keessatti gahee guddaa akka qabu himameera.Waliigalticha ka

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