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  1. Library Mission & Vision


The Library mission is to provide an adequate learning environment and quality user-centered information services that enhance excellent education, research and community service endeavors of the University and fostering the human development of Ethiopian citizens. The vision of the Library is to be a user –centered Library service that advances the University teaching, inspires research and energizes learning through quality collections and digital content, innovative services and programs for producing responsible citizens that transform the living of Oromia/Ethiopia community.

  1.  Library Goals
  1. To serve as a resource to the University community by providing materials of quality, diversity, relevance, and balance that will support the needs of the University, promote the development of staff, student critical analysis skills, informed judgment and success.
  2.    To establish, promote and maintain a wide range of services including IT based ones for supporting the academic programs of the University and encourage optimum exploitation of the resources of the Library.
  3. To function as a resource in providing access to information and materials in other libraries through participation in regional and national information networks and systems.
  4.   To building the information literacy skills of its users continuously by conducting proper user education and instruction through a variety of methods in order to allow an effective use of the Library
  5.  To recruit and retain qualified and experienced professional Librarians who will offer high quality services to the users of the Library and maintain innovative activities.
  6.    To provide a safe and attractive working environment that will encourage study and other academic works.

3. Library Functions


The functions of the Library are:

  1. To establish and maintain a range and quality of services and resources that will complement and strengthen the academic programs of the University.
  2.   To encourage optimal use of the resources.
  3.  To provide information literacy training to classes and user guidance.
  4.   To provide resources in a variety of formats to meet varied user needs.
  5.  To provide technical expertise for maintaining the Library resources.
  6.  To create, maintain and preserve locally produced knowledge within the University and provide free access to the users.
  7. To provide a comfortable and quiet working space for users.





Library Service