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1.      OVERVIEW:

Location and Campus: The Institute of Leadership Development at Oromia State University is situated within the gorgeous Oromia State University campus, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and modern facilities that promote study and growth. It is much impressive that the calm location of the Institute is perfect for introspection, teamwork, and inspiration, which improves participants' overall learning experience.

History and Evolution: Since its foundation, the Institute of Leadership Development has built a strong reputation for developing leaders through intensive training and consultancy service programs, and has changed throughout time to enhance competent and socially responsible leaders, and institutions in the Oromia National Regional State and beyond to adapt to the shifting demands of the global leadership scene. It has consistently modified its approaches and programs to remain current and sensitive to new developments and issues in the field of leadership development. Due to its full commitment to ensuring the quality and credibility of its leadership development programs, it has become the hub of practical experiences for several national leadership programs in the country.

Diversity and Inclusivity: In its leadership development programs, the Institute of Leadership Development at Oromia State University embraces diversity and inclusivity, welcoming participants from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries. This diversity enriches the learning environment, fostering cross-sectoral & cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and creativity among participants in the program.

Alumni Network and Success Stories: The Institute of Leadership Development at Oromia State University boasts a strong alumni network of accomplished leaders who have made significant contributions to their respective leadership development career. We utilize such success stories to serve as inspirations for successors, showcasing the Institute’s impact in cultivating transformative leadership talent in the Oromia region, Ethiopia.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: The Institute prioritizes continuous improvement and innovation in its leadership development programs, andragogical approaches, and research initiatives. It actively seeks feedback from all its networking, including industry partners, and stakeholders to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of its offerings.

Global Perspective and Partnerships: The Institute of Leadership Development collaborates with local and international organizations, government agencies, and industry experts to enhance its programs and provide participants with access to a diverse range of perspectives and resources. Through these partnerships, the Institute works with eminent organizations, intellectual luminaries, and professionals from the local, national, and worldwide communities in an effort to uphold a global perspective. By doing this, it hopes to enhance its staff members’ eye-opening experiences and promote the sharing of ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge research in leadership development areas.

Commitment to Excellence: Above all, the Institute of Leadership Development is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of its operations. It upholds high standards of academic rigor, ethical conduct, and professional integrity, instilling values of excellence, integrity, and compassion in all its participants.

Impact and Community Engagement: The Institute of Leadership Development is committed to making a positive impact on society by empowering leaders who are not only competent but also socially responsible. It actively engages with local communities through outreach programs, training & research initiatives, and collaborative projects that address pressing social issues and contribute to sustainable development in the region and beyond.

2.      MISSION 

In line with the mission of Oromia State University, the Institute of Leadership Development is dedicated to proving tailored training & consultancy programs, and nurturing the next generation of ethical and visionary leaders who can drive sustainable development and positive societal change in the Oromia National Regional State and beyond.


The Institute provides a wide array of leadership development programs, including leadership training, consultancy services, seminars, workshops, coaching sessions, and mentorship programs. Its programs primarily target, among others, installing and maintaining strategic & entrepreneurial leadership, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and organizational change management.


The Institute’s staff members bring a wealth of expertise in various fields, including leadership and change management, governance, public administration, and other social science fields. They are nationally certified trainers, combining academic rigor with practical experience to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences that prepare participants to tackle real-world leadership challenges.


The organization of the Institute of Leadership Development at Oromia State University is on the executive director level. Hence, it is accountable to the university President as it is entrusted with discharging among the core competencies and strategic goals of the university –leadership development. Accordingly, the Institute is constituted from four professionally organized tailor-based centers:

  1. The Centre for Leadership Training
  2. The Centre for Public Management & Governance Training
  3. The Centre for Urban Governance Training & Consultancy Services
  4. The Centre for Leadership Competency Assessment & Certification

We firmly believe that the Institute of Leadership Development at Oromia State University plays a critical role in influencing the future of leadership in the Oromia region and beyond by cultivating a culture of leadership excellence, innovation, and continuous learning.

Institute of Leadership Development