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                               Oromia State University Football Club: Building Champions, Shaping Futures


Oromia State University Football Club (OSU FC) is more than just a team;

it's a social initiative founded in 2015 with a mission to empower young people

through sports and volunteerism.

 Focus on Social Impact:

OSU FC recognizes the positive influence that sports can have on young minds and bodies.

The club was established with a specific goal:



·    Providing Direction: In 2015, the club started with 27 players and 1 coach, all young people who might have otherwise been vulnerable to negative influences. OSU FC offered them a positive outlet for their energy and a chance to develop valuable life skills.

·     Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle: The core values of OSU FC revolve around creating a healthy and positive environment for young people.

·     Combating Social Issues: Urban youth often face challenges like exposure to drugs and unproductive leisure time. OSU FC provides a safe space for them to engage in sports, promoting physical activity, teamwork, and discipline.

·       Building Strong Minds and Bodies: The club's motto, "A healthy mind, a strong body is the hope of the country's future," reflects its commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute positively to society.

·      Supporting Young Talent: OSU FC recognizes the potential of its players and aspires to help them reach their full potential.

·     Equipping for Success: The club strives to provide its players with all the necessary sports equipment to train and compete effectively.

·     Building a Platform for Advancement: OSU FC aims to create a comfortable and well-maintained sports field that serves as a training ground and a potential springboard for talented players to progress to the national league.

·    Investing in Education: Recognizing the importance of academic success alongside athletic pursuits, OSU FC aspires to offer its players opportunities for free education.

         How You Can Help OSU FC:

The Oromia State University Football Club thrives on community support. Here are some ways you can get involved:

·         Donations: Contribute to the purchase of sports equipment, uniforms, or maintenance of the sports field.

·         Volunteerism: Share your time and expertise by coaching or mentoring young players.

·         Sponsorship: Partner with OSU FC to support its mission and gain exposure within the university community.