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Oromia State University has both historical and symbolic attachment to Oromo society and Oromia National Regional state. Historically it evolved from a small leadership training center which had played a paramount role in building the leadership capacity of the region. Symbolically it bears the name of OROMIA which has deep relation with the Oromo. It got this name when it was promoted to University in 2017.  It is the only State University in the country. As a regional government consulting university, the university focuses on capacity building of the region via leadership and public servant development, reform and transformation of public institutions of the region. The university also focuses on all development actors of the region. To make this effective the university uses training of both leadership and public servants, research and consultancy services, academic programs (first degree, second degree and Ph.D)  and facility services.

The university has different professionals who are providing services related to the mandate of the university. Accordingly the professionals are leadership trainers, public servant trainers, researchers and consultants and instructors.

Oromia State University is connecting itself to both National and Global institutions which have similar vision with the university.

The university has four major divisions pertinent to the service it is rendering. These are academic affairs division, research and consultancy affairs, leadership development affairs and administrations affairs. We, both as the university community and leadership aspire to transform the leadership, public servant and institutions in Oromia Regional state so that our nation would benefit from their delivery.

Taking this opportunity I call up all academic, training and research institutions to collaborate with Oromia State University.

Thank You

Geremew Huluka (Ph.D)

The President


Message of the President


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