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Established  to carry out broad based activities of ongoing quality, productivity  and service delivery improvement and thereby enhance the expansion of competitive industries and service delivery organizations in the region, OSU Kaizen Institute  is structurally organized to constitute four Directorates which operate under close supervision of the Director General:

Each directorate is responsible for smooth kaizen transferability into its  respective sector which  may include, among others, offering  training on the  philosophy, kaizen tools and kaizen systems  and providing follow up and support services as required. The number of directorates may increase as the institute enhances its human resource capacity, and  based on the existing needs  for quality and productivity improvement in various sectors in the region.

It is believed that the philosophy will have a paramount contribution in sustaining the  speedy economic growth and development being registered in various walks of life in the region and beyond ,which will in turn help realize our country’s vision to become a  middle income earning nation in the world.  The philosophy is being utilized in the service  sectors and manufacturing companies in the region as one of the reform initiatives with the view to let them provide quality service or produce quality products, at low cost, maintaining a safer working environment. In this regard, realizing the significance of the philosophy in bringing about a holistic development in the region, the university has embarked on initiating the Kaizen Movement in every sectors in the region which includes city-based kaizen movement and company/sector based kaizen movement.

The Kaizen institute of the university is mandated with broad based activities of ongoing quality, productivity and service delivery improvements and thereby enhancing the expansion of competitive industries and service delivery organizations in the region and beyond.

The institute provides the following services in promoting the Kaizen management philosophy:

  • Trainings
  • Consultancy/Technical support
  • Kaizen implementation assessment
  • Competency assurance and licensing

KAIZEN is a philosophy of continuous undertaking by an organization to improve its activities and processes with the goal to always improve quality and productivity so that the organization can meet full customer satisfaction.    

It is a Japanese business philosophy that assumes our way of life (be it our working life, our social life, or our home life) should focus on continual improvement efforts(Masaaki Imai, 1997)

Major Characteristics of KAIZEN

  • Continuity- It is every day improvement not just a onetime change
  • Participatory- it requires the effort of everybody in the organization- not a business key


  • Accumulation of small improvements- it is summation of small changes registered every time at every place,
  • Requires little or no investment- Kaizen’s central resource is the talents of human

resource or employees of a given organization

How Kaizen Assists Organizations to Bring Improvements

  • Continuous elimination of Muda (Waste)
  • creating conducive work environment and easing work activities
  • equipping employees with problem solving techniques
  • enhancing employee morale and motivation

Centre for Productivity Improvement and control