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The main purpose of the establishment of Economic and Financial Affairs Institute of the university is to assist, harmonize, and facilitate activities related to economic and financial developments in the region and beyond so as to play meaningful role in poverty reduction. It would give due consideration to themes like resource mobilization, project management, investments, infrastructures, agriculture, industry and enterprises, and environment etc.

The institute initiates or develops policies and strategies which may accelerate economic developments, conducts research activities to identify gaps related economic activities and financial managements, consult institutions about how they may solve related problems, provide fellow-up services on development projects, and deliver trainings on identified topics to mitigate skill gaps and so on.

In order to manage the aforementioned activities, the institute has the following three centres (sub-divisions):

  • Centerfor Urban Affairs, Industry and Enterprise Development
  • Center for Environment, Natural Resource and Agriculture
  • Center for Development Projects

Economic & Financial Affairs Institute


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