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Once nation identity is expressed with the language, culture, norm, value, taught and other social elements, likewise; the Oromo people are articulated by these elements. The strengths or weaknesses of these social elements bonds among the given people lead to success or failure in the dignity of once society, and the same is true in Oromo people.

It is believed that there haven’t been deep researches carried out and explored on the undiscovered social elements of the Oromo people which can contribute a lot to the nation and beyond. There haven’t been also adequate archived written documents in Oromo language which again can take a huge part for further researches.

Realizing the university mission is in charge of capacity building for generating, embracing and sustaining reform initiatives in the region and beyond, and promoting the nation’s language and culture, the university senate  has decided to launch a new institute entitled, ’Institute of Oromo Language, Culture, and Art Sudies’ in last june 2010 E.C.

The main aim of the institution is conducting a research  to explore the undiscovered social elements of the oromo peole throughout the region and publisize the findings via various ways, and works on the Oromo languge to be a languge of science and research.

In doing this, the univesity has hired professionals on the area, and currently the institute finalises the curriculum review to launch Oromo language and culture department for the coming new years. The institute also conducted need assesment throughout the region and identified the primary social elements of the Oromo people to be researched.

Oromo Language, Arts and Cultural Studies Institute