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Unlocking the Landlocked State: Why Ethiopia quest for access to sea outlet? "The discussion of scholars in Oromia regional university has ended on the topic that says "
The president of Oromia Regional University Dr. Garramu Hulluka said that the issue of sea is important for our country.
The president of YNO Dr. Garramu Hulluka has said that Ulana is important for the economic, social and political development of our country.
By creating peace relations with neighboring countries, we are working to make us have sea, said Dr. Garramu. They have said that there is also a lot of diplomacy work underway.
It has been reported that there is a good result with the hard work done with Somaliland. It has been said that it is important to use this agreement for the development of the country.
Mr. Beyana Ibsa, the teacher of Economics of Oromia regional University, the scholars of the university and the guests who were present for the invitation. Participants also agree on the issue of Ula Gelana, as it is our concern, we will do our part and agree on the idea that says we will do our role.
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The discussion on Ula Gelana scholars has been held by the preparation of Oromia regional university. On the 15th of 2016.