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Training and Consultancy


The university provides training service to carry out transformation on institutions in particular public service institutions of the region through enhancing the skill, attitude and knowledge. It advocates good governance, rendering public service, capacitating the university community and staff in teaching learning processes as well as other academic issues.


The training is mainly undertaken by the university staff in their field of expertise and experience, and invites scholars/ expertise from various institutions when necessary. The training is currently creating extra work for the staffs and other stakeholders.

Based on the demands and need assessment of various regional and governmental bureaus of the region,the institution has already trained more than 210,000 in 2018/2019 academic calendar. Some of the main themes of the trainings wereBasic managerial concepts and skills,Customer service and customer handling,Customer service and customer handling, Strategic planning and Management, Reform tools (BPR, BSC fi etc.), Kaizen philosophy, Procurement and property administration, Tax and Tax Reform, Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Employment & Labor Law and the like.

The university also carried training facilitation and coordination activities based on training demands of various organizations. Besides employees of Oromia bureaus, Federal bureaus, non-governmental organizations and various developmental institutions have trained their employees in the university

As the geographic set up of the university is on the shore of Lake Batu/ Zeway, with attractive campus, well equipped training rooms and hospitality OSU is a special experience on training, education, and research.




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