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YNO inaugurates Digital Library. May, 25/09/2014

Dr. Mulune Hedato, the one who made the upcoming speech in the graduation ceremony of the I/A/Pre/Academic Issues of Academic Issues Dr. Mulunee Hedato has established a digital library and has a great role in achieving the educational programs of YNO. Dr. Muluneen said that we are connected to our modality and establish a digital library. The SIMS program is our responsibility. They have stated that it is important to give time service.
The president of YNO Dr Garramaw Hulluka who attended the graduation ceremony of digital library after saying welcome him again. Today's graduation program is a good start to achieve the mission of our university. They said a.m. At last, they have given recognition and certificates of ASTU who contributed to the success of this work.
Director of YNO Library Mr. Julla Qabato after presenting short writing on digital library and how to use soft ware, ASTU representing I/A/pre/Transformation Technology and source of income from ASTU. Dr. Habtamu Bari has made a speech. Dr. Habtamu said that ASTU is working with the education institutions to make the transition of technology in the country, the digital library is one of them that we presented to YNO today. At last, the guests and attendees of the program were finished by visiting the library by (site visit) the program was concluded.
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