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On three different topics, the training given to YNO Female Staff has been completed.The training of Oromia regional University has been held by YNO and Bureau of Health Administration of Batuti town for female employees of the university the topic: Identity of women association, those that hurt and family planning; and also, the examination of Gedameessa and Breast cancer.The aim of the training on social, economical and political issues is to increase women's health, rights respected, and to protect themselves from harmful families and to ensure that their lives are protected.While more than 120 YNO employees have been taking this training, the women attending the training have to gain enough understanding, and the social economic issues that increase their health care of their families. At the end of the training, they promised to fulfill their rights and responsibilities at YNO level.The association established in 2016 is working on: ensuring Korean equality, building and feminine awareness, strengthening the financial power of the association, and working on women's rights and security.The Association has been undertaken by another faculty to protect their health and wellbeing ahead of the event for other scarf and breast cancer.

upcoming events: 

Women's training at YNO. September 12, 2016 YNO


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