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We will admit research proposals in the following thematic areas:

Human Resource Development: Education and Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Sr Business Development, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Capacity Building Developm for Public Servants

 Institutional Transformation: Collaborative Leadership, Leadership and Crisis Managem Entrepreneurial Leadership and Policy Implementation, Leadership and global governan Governance and institutional policy, eto:

Leadership Development and Public Policy

Urbanization and Metropolitanism: Sustainable urban development, Urban governance planning, Social inequality and urban poverty, Urban resilience and disaster management, Ur economics and innovation, etc

Political Leadership and international relations: Power and conflict, Global governan Political economy, Comparative politics, Human rights and justice, Identity and nationali Diplomacy and foreign policy

Information technology, Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligen Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotics Autonomous Systems, Cyber security, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI),etc

❖ Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Ethics: Sustainability Report Stakeholder Engagement, Green Supply Chain Management, Climate Change Mitigation Adaptation, Ethical Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Corporate Philanthropy and Social Initiat etc

International trade and globalization

Climate Change, Ecosystem Conservation and Cosmology

❖ Tourism and Culture: Cultural heritage tourism, Sustainable tourism, Intangible cultural herit Tourism and local community empowerment, etc

Education: Inclusive education, Education policy and its influence on educational outcomes, etc

Health: Disease prevention and control, Mental health and well-being, Chronic disease managem Global health and infectious diseases, etc

❖ Agriculture and Rural Development

Finance and Economics


Contemporary Government Development Initiatives

Research Thematic Areas