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As the mission of  University is in charge  of capacity building for generating, embracing and  sustaining reform initiatives  in the region and beyond through first-rating education, training, research, consultancy and community  services, College of Science & Technology is an arm to  possess a soul of novelty that is built on a deep understanding of the university mission ,fundamental scientific principles; practical experience both in the laboratory and science. The college has vital impact in cooperation of partnerships with industries, academia, policymakers, technologists and social-service providers, which moves the university forward for the renaissance of civil servant of the region in all directions.

In meet gating the responsibilities of the university, the college adopts its own mission. The mission of the College of Science & Technology is promotingtechnologies and quality of life through education, research and innovation that integrates technologies and life sciences in a global context


The vision of the school is to accelerate its role as the University’s incubator in developing reform oriented packages.

Features of College of Science & Technology

College of Science & Technology is one of the College-level interdisciplinary academic units of OSU that gives high value for production of innovative civil servants in wide varieties, and encourages the philosophy of applying one’s talent for the improvement of technologies and quality of human life.

The New Structure of the Colloge of Science & Technology

The College of Science & Technology has been handling all the academic activities particularly the teaching learning process of information Technology as one part of the academic core process of the university. Meanwhile, to accelerate and fulfill the mission and vision of the university, the new university structure is developed in general and the College of Informatics in particular is scaled up into College of Science and Technology which will be active in the near future.

 College of Science and Technology consists;

  • College Registrar,
  • Department of Information Technology,
  • Department of Computer Science and
  • Department of Information System.



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