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(Trainer, Research and consultant) - Profile


(Trainer, Research and consultant)

Lecturer, Research and consultant at Institute of Leadership Development , Oromia State University

Telephone(mobile): +251931672885


Address: Batu, Oromia, Ethiopia.





Educational Background

·         BA. Degree in Sociology and social work from Jimma University on 28, 2012 G.C. and MA. Degree in from  -->·         Social Worker , to , at

·         Trainers/researcher/consultant , to , at

·         Trainers/researcher/consultant , to , at

Administrative Positions held

·         at , Oromia State University from , to ,

·         Urban Administration Training and consultancy at Oromia State University from ----

Research Interest

All social science research.



Ø  I have ability to analysis of research data using SPSS and STATA software

Social skills and


Experience of working with people of different background and culture. I have thought and attended my education in diverse ethnic background students and this develop the habit of living and working with people of different back ground in coordination.

Ø  Experience of training, research (practical or theoretical) and teaching skills,

I have experience on protecting child right specifically child justice, child custody, maintenance and adoption. I have skill in working with the community on child justice, child maintenance and custody.

Organizational skills and Competences






Memberships of international bodies/journals

Editorial roles/initiatives, etc

·      I got certificate from student union for executive of the national election held in Jimma University in the year 2009/10; Community based Education (CBE) certificate and certificate of English and career skills training program for graduating students.



(online articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles)









Beriso Jemal Tufa