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Berhanu Gemule Korje, PhD, Assistant Professor) - Profile



Berhanu Gemule Korje (Assistant Professor) Senior Researcher and consultant, Director of Research and Publication Directorate, Oromia State University

Telephone(mobile): +251911 85 95 13


Address: Finfine, Oromia, Ethiopia.





Educational Background

·         BA. Degree in Accounting from Jimma University on July 15, 2006,

·         MSc. Degree in Accounting and Finance from Hawasa University on July 2, 2012

·         PhD in in Accounting and Finance from Andhra University on November 21, 2022.

Academic Rank 

Assistant Professor

Language skill

Afan Oromo(mother tongue), English and Amharic


·         From September 11, 2017, to the present: Senior Researcher and Consultant

·         From August 1, 2012, to September 05, 2017: Lecturer in Accounting and Public Finance Department

·         From October 11, 2006, to August 1, 2012: Assistant Lecturer I in Accounting and Public Finance Department

Administrative Positions held

·         From May 18, 2017, to July 28, 2019, served as a director of the university's Research and Community Service Directorate.

·         From November 04, 2014, to September 17, 2017, served as an academic program officer of the university.

·         From November 29, 2012, to November 03, 2014, served as Continuing and Distance Education Coordinator of the university.

·         Currently Research and Publication Directorate Director at Oromia State University

Research Interest

Finance, audit, Service, Tax, Expenditure.


Accounting, Finance 

Social skills and


Experience of working with people of different background and culture. I have thought and attended my education in diverse ethnic background students and this develop the habit of living and working with people of different back ground in coordination. This created me an opportunity to immerse to learn environment quickly.

Organizational skills and Competences






Memberships of international bodies/journals

Editorial roles/initiatives, etc

·    I took training prepared by Malysia Productivity corporation in collaboration with Ethiopia Kaizen Institute and Oromia State university



(online articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles)




Online Articles

·   Factors affecting Tax Collection of Category “C” Business Profit Taxpayers of selected Oromia Regional State cities

·   Financial Performance Trend Analysis of Micro-Finance Institutions. A case of Oromia Credit & Saving share company, Ethiopia. A SEEP Model Approach

·   Assessment of Implementation of Audit Recommendations in public sectors, the case of selected Oromia Regional Government Public Institutions (2003-2006 E.C.)

·   An assessment of Health Service Quality at Public Health Centers in Oromia Regional State

·   Assessment of Factors affecting Women’s Participation in Leadership Positions of Oromia National Regional Government





Berhanu Gemule Korje