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  at , Oromia State University

Telephone(mobile): +2519119533250/900003553

Email: ||

Address: Batu, Oromia, Ethiopia.




Educational Background

·         BA. Degree in from  on

·         MA Degree in (Federalism and Local Governance] from  on ,

·         Ph.D. (Candidate) in at 

Academic Rank 

Lecturer, Researcher, and Trainer

Language skill

Afaan Oromo(mother tongue), English and Amharic


·         Lecturer , to , , at Rift Valley University College

·         Lecturer , to , at  

·         Lecturer  , , at -->·         Mayor’s Training Advisor, Shashemene City Administration

·         Reform Tools Implementation Coordinator , Wolaita Sodo University

·         Program Coordinator at Education for Development Association

·         DIC Coordinator at Tamra for Social Development Association, Shashemene, Ethiopia.

·         Attending Postgraduate Programme at

Administrative Positions held

·         , at Public Service College of Oromia

·         , Oromia State University.

·         at Oromia State University

·         , at Oromia State University

·         , , , , at Oromia State University – Current position

Research Interest

Federalism and governance, Regional integration, Decentralization, Leadership, Gender issues, Conflict management and Peace-building



Research (qualitative) design, Critical thinking, Cross-cultural, Analytical, Team work & collaboration, communication, Interdisciplinary perspective, Policy analysis, Ethnical Awareness, Adaptability & flexibility, and Multitasked.

Social skills and


Active Listening                            Conflict resolution                     

Empathy                                        Teamwork

Cultural sensitivity                      Social perceptiveness              

Interpersonal communication    Persuasion and influence

Inclusivity                                      Networking

Organizational skills and Competences


Strategic planning                         Risk management

Time management                        Project management

Prioritize/Resource allocation     IT

Budgeting                                        Documentation & reporting

Quality assurance                          Data management



Memberships of international bodies

·         Ethiopian Public Association

·         International University Bible Fellowship


Certified Training attended

·         Certified Trainer , Ethiopian Management Institute, Sept. 8, 2023.

·         Certified Professional Teacher Educator , Wolayita Sodo University, July 2, 2015

·         Certified in Training of Trainers in Applying Adult Learning Skills and Applying TLGE Curriculum, UN Women Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, December 2021.

·         Attended Transformational Leadership Skills Master Class, August 2023, EDI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

·         National and International Certificates


(online articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles)




Online Articles

·         The processes for Making and Unmaking of Interregional Boundaries in the Ethiopian Federation, Cogent Social Sciences (Taylor & Francis),, 2024.

·         From Formation to Redefinition: Exploring the Principles of Constituent Unit Boundary (Un)Making in the Ethiopian Federation, Journal of Advance Research in Social Science and Humanities (ISSN 2208-2387) 10(1):1-20,, 2024

·         Processes and Principles for Making and Unmkaing of Constituent

Unit Boundaries in the Ethiopian Federation: A Comparative Study, Addis Ababa University, Upcoming Ph.D. Thesis

·         The Role of Urban Local Governments in Minority Protection: The Case of Shashemene City”, Published in the Ethiopian Civil Service University Repository Library, 2013, MA Thesis.

·         The Significance of Ethnicity Post -1991 in Ethiopia, Empirical Study, Oromia State University, 2010, Symposium Proceeding.

·         The Impact of Drug Abuse on Dwellers of Shashemene City: The Case of High School Students”, Paper Presented at Shashemene City College and High School Competition, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Rift Valley University College Shashemene Branch, 2008.

·         The Impact of Corruption on Socio-Economic and Political Aspects of Oromo Society: The Case of Nekemte Town”, Senior Essay for B.A. Degree Award, Addis Ababa University, 2006, Ethiopia, Unpublished BA Thesis.

·         The Status of Women in Leadership and Decision-making Positions in the Three Organs of Oromia National Regional State Government, UNWomen Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2010.