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Amensis Gudeta Deressa (Assistant Professor)



Amensis Gudeta Deressa (Assistant Professor)

Trainer, Researcher and Consultant at, Oromia State University

Telephone(mobile): +251917097988

Email: ||  

Address: Batu, Oromia, Ethiopia.





Educational Background

·         BA. Degree in Public Administration and Development Management from Wallega University on 28, 2010 G.C

·         MA Degree in Development Management from Hawassa University on 14, 2014 G.C

Academic Rank 

·         Assistant Professor

Language skill

·         Afaan Oromo (mother tongue), English and Amharic


·         Graduate Assistance I from Sept. 20, 2010, GC to Sept. 21, 2011, GC at Dire Dawa University

·         Assistance Lecturer from Sept. 21, 2011, GC to Sept 22, 2012, GC] at Dire Dawa University

·         Attended Postgraduate: Hawassa University

·         Promoted Assistant Professor: 2019, Dire Dawa University

Administrative Positions held

·         Officer at Institute of Leadership Development, Oromia State University from February 2024

Research Interest

·         Governance, Public Policy, Public Management, Development, Institution, and Organization

Social skills and


·         Experience working with people from different institutions, backgrounds and cultures.

·         I have taught and attended to my education students with diverse academic backgrounds

·         I've had a pleasant experience speaking or selling my ideas and providing smart questions to pique others' interest in the issue.

·         I prefer to ask questions and listen to others' responses before challenging them with my own.


(online articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles)




Online Articles

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·         Students' Perceptions of Continuing Education Programs in Higher Institutions. The Case of Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia. Published In IJCRT ( Volume 8 Issue 5, Date of Publication: May 2020 2020-05-28 08:25:06

·         Pre-Training Determinants and Training Effectiveness in Public Sector Organizations; In the Case of Dire Dawa Administration, Ethiopia. European Journal of Business and Management ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) Vol.11, No.31, 2019

·         Push, pull and fallout dropout factors in a continuing education program: The Case of

·         Dire Dawa University. ISSN: 2414-2794. Berhan International Research Journal of Science and Humanities (BIRJSH), 2020, 4(1), 45 - 62




Amensis Gudeta Deressa