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Ambassador of Indonesia Albusyra Basnur gave motivational speech to students of YNO.

Ethiopia, Djibouti and African Union Ambassador of Indonesia Albusyra Basnur on the connections of Indonesia and Ethiopia on the international level (Ethiopia-Indonesia in Global Connectivity) and other things. After giving detailed explanation on how, where and when the two can be experienced in each other, what they plan to do, where and when to execute. They provide a basic idea. From their experience they have shown that planning big is possible by planning small and doing big. At the end of their book "Do what to do ambassador" into Afan Oromo "Do what you have to do Ambassador" is translated to Afan Oromo which is going to reach the wider society soon, culture, language and art O Romo who have a great desire to connect with their country and to prove this with YNO in the future. They said that they are working on similar issues. Otherwise, Ambassador Albusyra Basnur said that the work started with YNO will continue strongly, especially the issue of the armed forces of lake Dambal to Xa'o (Fertilizer) and Bio gas From the coming umbrella, they have announced that they will be going to work by inviting experts with high experience from their country. I'm still alive and well. The welcome speech of YNO president Dr Garramaw Hulluka. Our teachers have made to understand something from this emotional speech, not only to understand but also to understand in the projects that are started. Participating in districts and vision of YNO by participating in different research and research through YNO's activities are told to achieve their goals. The organizations and embassies of foreign countries will continue strongly. At the end YNO is working hard to solve the problems of our society and country besides teaching system and other international organizations.



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