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Trainer, Consultant and  researcher at Institute of  Leadership  development, Oromia State University

Telephone(mobile): +251925395968/0943658670


Address: Batu, Oromia, Ethiopia.





Educational Background

·         BA. Degree in Educational planning and Management from  Dilla  University on July 07, 2011 GC

·         MA Degree in Leadership and Change Management from  Oromia State University on August 15, 2023 GC


Academic Rank 

Trainer , Consultant and researcher 

Language skill

Afan Oromo(mother tongue), English and Amharic


·         Graduate Assistance from February8, 2018 GC to April 8,2022  GC] at Oromia State University

·         Beginner Trainer /Consultant from April 8,2022 to August 15,2023 GC at Oromia State University

·         August 15,2023 to date Trainer, Consultant  and researcher at Oromia State University

·         Attending Postgraduate at Oromia State University


Administrative Positions held

·         Designation at institute for leadership development at Oromia State University from April 8, 2022 GC to March 28,  2024 GC


·         Currently Designation  at institute for leadership development, Oromia State University as trainer, researcher and Consultant

Research Interest

Leadership ,Change management, administration and development, education, Gender and women leadership ,  Mobile Information Systems, AI, Data Science and others.



Basic Computer Skills: MS Word, Excel, Power point, SPSS data analysis and web browsing and analytical skills, Team work, Time management, Communication, Problem solving and Interpersonal skills



Social skills and


Experience of working with people of different background and culture. I have thought  attended my education in diverse ethnic background students and this develop the habit of living and working with people of different back ground in coordination. This created me an opportunity to immerse to learn environment quickly.

Organizational skills and Competences


I am best at Time  Management, Working under pressure, decision making, self-motivation ,Communication and analytical thinking




Memberships of international bodies/journals

Editorial roles/initiatives, etc

·         I took TOT training for 21 days at China Academy of governance  with recognition certificate

·         I took TOT training for 15 days at Ethiopian Management Institute  with recognition certificate

·         I took recognition certificate for PBR document preparation and Providing training for Zonal and Woreda leaders

·         I took recognition certificate for the successful implementation of Public services reform tools in Adama woreda road Authority office




(online articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles)




Online Articles



·         MA Thesis on Factors affecting Leadership effectiveness in Public Organization: The Case of Adama Woreda



Magazine Articles

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