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Community Service

Community service is a non-paying job performed by the university for the benefit of the community around the university.The main focus area of the university is promoting good governance, transformation of public service institutions, provisions of quality education, training, and consultancy, and community service is one of the core missions of Oromia State University.

Since community service is one of the rationales behind the establishment of the university, the university renders the service with high quality, availability and extent in line with legal and ethical standards. In this regard, the university has registered a considerable amount of achievements. The services therefore include the following:

  • Granted scholarship at undergraduate degree level for over 100 students most of whom are females, physical disabilities and from needy families;
  • Provided financial Support for primary school students, who are victims of various social problems, with tuition fees and stationery materials;
  • Provided financial support to HIV/ AIDS victims and enabling them to engage in various income generation activities and support their families as well;
  • Provided training on entrepreneurship and small business management to the youth for free;
  • Provided financial Support for the Oromia development association and
  • Provided financial support for the renaissance dam

Apart from the above mentioned community services the university delivered, the School of Law is actively participating in the area. The school provides community service via opening free legal Aid center at Batu town First Instant court.

 The school provides free legal services on legal writings; statement of claims, statement of defense, habeas corpus, and attorney services like representing the person in the court of law for poor and vulnerable groups of the society. In doing this, the school set criteria to select beneficiaries as the community is large, andthe focus or target community are mainly women, elders, disables and arrested people in prisons, who without any means to hire attorney (being poor) and to be proved by social court judge at ‘kebele’ level.

Although progressive achievements are shown in the program, the bottleneck of the service is emerged from the internal staffs. The limited number of internal staffs is incompatible with the demand number of people who seek for the service.

Due to the high demand in the area, the school aimed to expand its legal aid service centers to other towns and ‘woredas’ of the region.


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