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Oromia State University School of Law has been established within the context of the broader objectives of the University. The School of Law was officially established by the decision of the University Senate and subsequently developed into a full-fledged school in 2009 (???)


· Producing competent and quality educated manpower in the programs the school run

· Engaging in researches and projects based on the thematic areas of the university

· Reaching the community through the provision of free legal aid services

· Empowering different institutions in the justice system of the region


         Mission and Vision

· Training and graduating quality and adequate manpower at different levels to meet the ever increasing need of the of the region and Ethiopian society in the field of law;

· Contributing to the regional and national effort to strengthen the proper administration of justice and prevalence of rule of law;

· Enhancing good governance, equality, tolerance, respect for and realization of human rights and other vital values in our emerging democracy;

· Inculcating the basic values of the FDRE Constitution in the minds of our graduates and creating the sense of duty to work towards its observance and enforcement;

· Networking with international and local organizations for the realization of justice;

 Currently, the school has been offering education in undergraduate program in different modes of study (regular, and weekend), and certified thousands of public servants of the region. More importantly, the school launched a postgraduate program in LLM in Commercial and Investment Law since 2017 (???).

The School has various LLM programs in collaboration with Vrije University of Amsterdam under the name of Justice Capacity Building project. This program is aimed at enhancing the capacity of judges and public prosecutors of the region through LLM program in different specializations and short practical skill trainings. The specialization programs given under this project are the followings Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Human Rights, Commercial Law, Investment Law, Criminal Law, Legislative Drafting and Tax Law. In addition to education, the school undertakes various short term trainings in relevant areas for students, workers and officers of different bureaus of the region.

On the other hand, the school delivers community service via free legal aid and clinic center at Adami Tulu Jiddo Kombolcha district court. The school provides counseling, legal writing services as well as advocacy service for poor and vulnerable groups of the society. Due to high demand in the area, the school aimed to expand its aid legal service centers to other towns and districts’ of the region.


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