School of Informatics

It is known that Oromia State University works around three main goals- teaching, research and community engagement. School of Informatics being an arm of Oromia State University  possess a soul of novelty that is built on a deep understanding of the university mission ,fundamental scientific principles; practical experience both in the laboratory and science; and in  recognition of the cooperative impact of partnerships, with industries, academia, policymakers, technologist and social-service providers, will moves the School forward, in developing“ Renaissance civil servant and technologist” who adapt easily to changing technologies, environments and problems.

1.1. Vision

The vision of the School  is to accelerate its role as the University’s incubator in developing reform oriented packages that would help meet the University’s vision that is “By 2020 OSU is to be one of the competent and best reform sustaining institutions in Africa in delivering high quality education, training, research and consultancy services”.

1.2.    Mission
School of Informatics promotes Technologies and quality of life through education, research and innovation that integrates technologies and life sciences in a global context.

1.3. Distinguishing Characteristics and Values of School of Informatics
School of Informatics is one of the School-level interdisciplinary academic units of OSU that gives high value for production of innovative civil servants in wide varieties, and encourages the philosophy of applying one’s talent for the improvement of technologies and quality of human life. The school believes that the above objectives can be achieved only when the following key values of success are assimilated with all works of the staffs:

.High customer respect ion
.Change- oriented educational approach
.Team Work and Team Sprit among all stakeholders
.Extraordinary  Commitment of staff
.High value to professional code of conduct
.Quality Service provision
 .Integrity  & Honesty among all stakeholders
.Creativity and Innovativeness approaches are followed

2.0.    Existing Scenarios of the school of informatics
School of Informatics is handling all academic activities particularly the teaching learning process of information Technology as one part of the academic core process of the university.
The existing structure of the School described below.

The School is running the following programs at UG level:

.Information Technology
.Management Information Systems (MIS) -----curriculum development completed and it will be opened by the next year.

Postgraduate Curriculum under development

.Information Technology


As of May 2018 it has more than 18 staffs including instructors, technical assistance, Secretaries, Messengers and Registrar.

Department of information Technology has:

Academic staffs
         MSC in progress--------3

Supportive staff
         lab Technical-------------1
         lab assistance-------------1
         Departmental secretary-----1
         school secretary-----------1



Class rooms

The school currently has 7 laboratory classrooms for its 4 batches!

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