Ato Nigusie Tadesse

First of all, I would like to congratulate you all on behalf of the Oromia State University. Dear students, College community, partners, and Government and non-government institutions, welcome to Oromia State University /OSU/ Annual Magazine. Oromia State University (OSU) is the first regional university in the history of the country, Ethiopia.OSU is the newly established university by regulation No. 190/2017 on Feb 02, 2017 and is upgraded from the former Public Service College of Oromia. The university is a capacity building higher institute mandated with sustaining the reform programs of the region and beyond by providing holistic customer oriented services through quality education, training, research, consultancy and community services.

It is undeniable fact that the implementation of government policies and strategies demands reformed, educated, and motivated public servants in the public sectors. In effect, reforming the civil service arises from the need to realize effective and responsive civil servants that are capable of facilitating the implementation of development programs and reform initiatives in an environment which is constantly changing and demanding.

In this regard, OSU has made its efforts in fostering innovative learning in the entire public service and playing a significant role towards the regional government’s endeavors to ensure improved service delivery. OSU has been a forerunner in research, training, coaching, Consulting and evaluating of the design and implementation of institutional reform programs. 

Since its establishment as a college (2004), OSU has trained more than 210,000 civil servants in short term training programs on various topics and about 33,000 civil servants were graduated in regular, extension and distance mode of delivery in TVET and first degree program. Currently, about 15,000 students have been attending their education in first degree in regular, extension, weekend and distance mode of delivery. Furthermore, about 400 students have been attending their education in post graduate program.

It is therefore, imperative that OSU’s training and development programs not only transfer knowledge and skills, but also foster new thinking in governance and leadership in order to sustain the reform program of the region. Indeed, the university is wholeheartedly willing to establish strong ties and relationships with various institutions of higher learning, and government and non-government organizations so as to achieve its intended goals, by organizing people, ideas, experiences and researches together in a learning atmosphere.

Acting President