ICT Directorate


To become a Centre of Excellence where the potential of ICT is harnessed to serve as a catalyst for effective teaching, training, research and learning which is aimed at the promotion of innovation in education and training technologies and transformation of intellectual merit.


Ensure the successful achievement of the University’s mission and vision statement through the effective use of ICT facilities

Background information

ICT directorate is established in order to keep up with global trends of integrating the power of information and communication technology (ICT) to better deliver reform based effective teaching/learning, training, research and consultancy services of the university.

General Objectives

.To understand the current ICT process of the university
.To identify the ICT requirements of the university
.To identify the infrastructure and system requirements of the university
.To recommend the ICT infrastructure and trained of sisters university.
.Establishing a system that enables ease ICT support access for customers.
.Establishing a system that enables to solicit, develop and implement business ICT solutions to facilitate service delivery within each university department, school, academic and supportive office.
 .Establishing a system that ensures ICT service continuity and connectivity at all times for effective and efficient utilization of ICT facilities.
.Establishing ICT facilities access policy and guidelines which ensures accountability, service control, and efficient utilization of ICT resources for the university day to day business.

Core Values


1.     Respect  for customers

     2.     Change- oriented

3.     Team Work and Team Sprit

4.     Extraordinary  Commitment

5.     High Ethical Standard

     6.      Result Orientation

7.     Empowerment

     8.     Quality Service and Customer-centric

     9.     Integrity  & Honesty

   10. Creativity and Innovativeness



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