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The President’s Message

It is known that Oromia State University has passed through the different paths since its mere establishment as a management institution which mainly realize the demand of the public servants of the region. The university has been doing its best in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public servants through comprehensive education, training, consultancy and research.

The advancement of the university that the intensified pressure on the regional government necessitated scaling up the College into University level so as to meet the desperate needs for competent public servants, leaders, and transformed institutions that can serve the interest of the public. 

In doing this, the university prepared a new structure. The current structure of the university is broadly consisting of a President and three Vice Presidents (i.e. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Reform, Training and Consultancy, Research and Community Service and Vice President for Administration and Development) and different Colleges, schools, directorates, and programs under each Vice President.

Currently more than 19000 students are enrolled in the university and attending their education in all programs.

Come to an end, education and training are not about the fact and principles that someone has learned during the course/training he/she studies; it is rather about behavioral changes at individual level, social awareness and enlightenment of community level, socio-economic improvement at a national level and healthy modernization at a global level.

Finally, I call up all students to bear in mind the miseries of the poor; the yearling of people for basic services, the hunger for justice and democracy so as to apply the knowledge and skills you acquired to serve your people and country with utmost commitment and senses of responsibility.


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