To realize this capacity building program, the university organized itself in a more suitable and accessible manner, rendering its education in regular, extension, distance and weekend programs. Henceforth, about 33,542 students have graduated from the university.  About 14,566 students are now attending their education in various fields of studies.The university has 36 distance and weekend studies education coordination offices at evey zonal administration center in the Oromia Regional State, and is offering needs- based education in postgraduate ana undergaraduate fields of studies.

Education Modes of Delivery


      .Extention/ Evening

      .Distance  and


Fieldies of Studies

Undergraduate  Programs

      .Accounting & Public Finance
      .Agri-business  & Value Chain  Management
      .Business Management & Entrepreneurship
      .Economics and  Development Finance
      .Governance & Development Management
      .Human Resource Management & Leadership
      .Procurement & Supply Chain Management
      .Information Technology (IT)
      .Management Information Systems (MIS)

Postgraduate Program

      .Development and Public Polcy Management
      .Leadership and Change Management
      .Publiic Financial Managemnt 
      .Commercial and Investment  Law